“We have been using Yesplan religiously”

The Other Palace is situated around the corner from Buckingham Palace in the heart of Victoria, London. Formerly the St. James Theatre, The Other Palace officially opened its doors in February 2017, and at its core is a home for musicals at various stages of development.

Just one year after the big switch, the schedule is buzzing with hundreds of events on the roster. “Our main ambition is to be the home of musical theatre and develop the genre in London,” says Rebecca Snape, Partnerships and Relationships Manager. 

The spreadsheets era  

Prior to The Other Palace engaging with Yesplan, they worked with spreadsheets and Outlook calendars. However, these became troublesome. “We kept using wrong versions of the spreadsheets or one would get accidentally deleted. We couldn’t go on like that,” says Kiki Stevenson, in charge of Programming. 

Furthermore, there was the issue of being able to restrict access. “Everyone in the team wanted to be able to look at the schedule, but as a lot of events were not confirmed yet and thus were often a point of debate for the programming team, we didn’t want to share certain information and risk compromising an ongoing internal discussion.” Now with Yesplan, everyone on the team has access, but permissions are limited. Aka: problem solved. 

Kiki, who spends most of her days feeding all kinds of information into Yesplan, remembers another problem. “When we were using spreadsheets, there was more chance of double bookings. With Yesplan, it’s smart enough to know when there is a conflict and alert you to it.”

Do your homework 

With several options available on the market, the team took their time to weigh up the pros and cons of different systems, “I very much appreciated the fact that a member of the Yesplan team, Andrew, came to see us before we made a decision. He came to The Other Palace to find out what we were looking for and what we’d love Yesplan to solve for us,” says Kiki.

From then on, things moved quickly at The Other Palace. Rebecca: “We signed up in November 2017and were so keen on getting it up and running because we knew just how much it would change our working lives — even if at first we just used it as a diary management system. Andrew had been adamant: four hours of training and you’ll pick it up like that.”

No sooner said than done: the ladies made the full switch from spreadsheets to Yesplan in about a week. “We crammed in a lot of time with Wim on Skype to learn about all the ins and outs. He would give us homework in order for us to learn how to navigate the system. Every time we had a question, we just emailed Wim.” Asked for a piece of advice for anyone willing to go down the same road, Kiki and Rebecca agree: “The system’s possibilities are near endless. Take your time to discover them all.” 

Hail Yesplan 

“We have been using Yesplan religiously,” Kiki says. “It has changed the way we work and has taken out the element of human error. I have lot more trust in the info we’re putting out. Also, Rebecca and I have learned to work really well together, because it’s just us using it on the input end. It’s opened up a different kind of dialogue.” “Also, we gained some time back,” adds Rebecca. “We’re not double checking anymore, there’s no guesswork involved. We love Yesplan.”

“We’re not double checking anymore, there’s no guesswork involved. We love Yesplan.”

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